In order to reach the goal above,

we will engage in the following activities.

Promotion of social education and sports

・Activities that help promote social education

・Activities that help promote academic, cultural, artistic, or sports efforts

・Activities that help foster children’ healthy development

Promotion of environmental preservation and tourism

・Activities that help create a community

・Activities that help promote tourism

・Activities that help promote the preservation of the environment


・Disaster relief activities

・Activities that support activities of related organizations

What do you imagine when you hear “exploring”?

“IC Explorers” is an Non-profit Organization in Japan which is formed for the sake of exploring places where are not known but are beautiful.

We hope that you find something new and the wonderfulness of the nature.



名称:特定非営利活動法人IC探検隊 (IC_Explorers)


理事長  飯村貴洋 (問い合わせ先


2020年5月 任意団体として活動開始
2021年7月 NPO法人として設立認証